1. Culture delivery /shipment

Users of the collections are charged the following fees to cover sample preparation and shipping:

The Customer must agree to comply with the terms of the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA-ZIM), which must be filled in, signed and sent to ZIM at the time of order.

In order to ensure compliance with the Conventional on Biological Diversity, recipients are not allowed to transfer the strains to third parties. Strains obtained from the ZIM collection which are included in publications should be cited with their ZIM number and the country of origin (if applicable).

Research and educational institutions get 50 % fee reduction on ordered cultures.

2. Identification

ZIM culture collection offers identification of cultures isolated from food matrices using sequencing of the barcoding regions. Identification of cultures with sequencing includes subculturing, pure culture examination, DNA isolation, PCR, sequencing of the barcoding region in both directions, and identification report.

When sending sample for identification a pure culture on agar plate is preferential, otherwise isolation of cultures from food matrix must be performed.

3. Microbiological beer analysis

Upon request we perform microbiological analyses for the presence of beer spoilage microorganisms: aerobic and anaerobic counts, wild Saccharomyces and non-Saccharomyces yeasts, lactic-acid bacteria and enterobacteria on specialized media developed for beer analysis under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

4. Deposit

a) Deposit in public collection

Cultures can be deposited in public collection free of charge. Please fill and sign the Strain Accession Form and send it together with the strain(s) to deposit. The strain be available for any third parties under the terms of the Material Transfer Agreement of ZIM collection.

b) Safe deposit

The Collection of Industrial microorganisms (ZIM) offers a confidential safe deposit service. The cultures will be stored as “Safe-Deposit” in the restricted collection of the ZIM. The cultures will not appear in the catalogues and will not be available to anyone without the approval of the depositor. The depositor has the right to end the deposit at any time and the cultures will be destroyed upon his request. The ZIM will keep the deposited culture viable and uncontaminated for a period of at least one year after the most recent payment of the annual maintenance fee. A completed Safe Deposit form is required for each culture deposited.